5 reasons why design matters for Customers & Google

Web Designers and Business Owners around the world are puzzled when it comes to deciding what features or contents to be added to the website. There are variables which decide how a website should look, some are like the colour tones used, button designs, animations and effects, user flow, photos and videos, page performance and more. These are not just the variables or factors that determine the quality of the website. There is also a factor which is inevitable nowadays, that is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Most business in the world wants to see themselves at the top of search results.


However, it’s a great sacrifice of user experience by letting the crawlers to fetch the ranking required for search engines results page (SERP). This will, in turn, make it difficult for the visitor to stay longer on the page. They will certainly leave the site without giving a lead track. This significantly low attrition rate can even affect the rankings on Google because Google ranks each page based on the few metrics like session duration, bounce rate, and average pages per session.

Therefore, always design websites by keeping Customer first.

  • User Experience should be the priority

Ask yourself a couple of questions like, what is the objective of having the website, is it to sell something or to entice the customer to contact your business or to sign up for newsletters. Do you want the visitors to stay long on a page or do you want them to navigate to each page in a certain order(i.e, homepage > about us > products/services > contact us). Or do you just want them to read your articles without taking any action?

The user flow of your website will be determined by how you answer the above questions. Try to make it easy for the user so that they do not get stuck in between and exist the site without giving you a lead.

  • Make sure to manage images appropriately

You may have many paragraphs of texts but it is equally important to have an image next to it. Most of all images speak better than words and it can be understood with a corresponding image. Usage of related images to paragraphs can make it easier for readers and visitors to understand the subject matter quickly. Make sure to resize and compress the images beforehand so that the loading time can be avoided.

Make sure to add a title to the image because Google crawl bots would love to recommend people with images but they do not see images. Instead, they crawl and read the meta tags and titles of your images and show on the search results.

  • Always focus on a niche

An important thing to remember during all the stages of developing the website is that your website should be focusing only on a specific thing because the visitors entering your website would be there for a reason and would be looking to take immediate action. The design should be as simple so that they are able to make a decision in just 3 clicks on being your website. You should cater to everyone but instead cater to a specific audience whom you can be sure to make the business from.

  • Activate site security

The rating of every website depends on how safe the user is when she/he is on your website. If your website takes too long to load, looks outdated or doesn’t have an indication that it is secure, then there are 100% chances that the user would abandon your website at the earliest. Purchasing SSL Certificate can ensure the security of your information transferred between you and the customer through which your visitors would feel secure. There are some websites who even add a static logo showing the type of security they use to ensure security to the information transferred.

  • Offer what visitors want

At the end of the day, it comes to a narrow question whether your site has something to offer to the visitors. That is why many marketing companies emphasize the importance of providing good and consistent content. Contents can be added in a variety of ways- through blog posts, video and podcasting etc.

These should be regularly added to your website, also the navigation through your website should be as easy as possible only then will your visitor stay longer and end up taking some action.

The above-mentioned reasons will add to how the Customers and Google would rank your website performance in search.

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